What's New
  • Version 0.9.1 released (see below)
  • MozCD moves to mozdev
MozCD is an interactive, all-in-one, easy-to-use distribution system for Mozilla software, speficifically Firefox and Thunderbird. It is made up of two major parts: In fact, MozCD is actually an implementation of itself - the latest release is ready to be distributed around, though there are still a few bugs to iron out. In other words:
As is apparent there is still a lot of work to do - but a lot of work has also been done (as anyone who tryed out the first version will be able to attest). Check out the screenshots to see what the project looks like and then head over to the downloads section to download an ISO (recommended for distribution) or ZIP (recommended if you want to muck around with the innards).
As promised I will try and work on a proper site for MozCD this weekend (no garauntees though :/ ) so that we can have something respectable up and running that can service both end-users and developers. Any ideas, suggestions, help etc. is greatly appreciated, just drop me a line to:

 - Oren

The mozcd project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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